Pope Francis to Cursillistas

Pope Francis met with Italian Cursillistas in Rome last week on Saturday May 28th on the occasion of their 7th national Ultreya. Some quotes… “You use this ancient pilgrims’ greeting, “ultreya”, to indicate the meaning of these gatherings, which have characterized your charism since the beginning: they are moments of encounter, of proclamation, of witnessContinue reading “Pope Francis to Cursillistas”

A Large Room

“The Church must be a large room. Not a small and closed circle, but a community with arms wide open, welcoming to all. Let us ask ourselves this question: when someone approaches who is hurting, who has made a mistake, who has gone astray in life, is the Church, this Church, a room large enoughContinue reading “A Large Room”

Easter Joy!

“All too often we look at life and reality with downcast eyes; we fix our gaze only on this passing day, disenchanted by the future, concerned only with ourselves and our needs, settled into the prison of our apathy, even as we keep complaining that things will never change. In this way, we halt beforeContinue reading “Easter Joy!”


Recently in our School of Leaders, we were going over the STUDY rollo.  I was intrigued, by the translation in English, that they preserved the word “Cristianismo”.  In English, we rarely ever hear the word “Christianism”, however it is common in Spanish.  “Cristiandad” and “Cristianismo” are often just translated into English as “Christianity”, so what’sContinue reading “Cristianismo”


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